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Wednesday, December 16, 2009 | 10:32 AM | 6 Comments

Big Fish

An imaginative adventures of a father-son relationship that is submitted by characteristic of Burton. Edward Bloom (Finney & McGregor, in his youth) is a famous storyteller. each of his story truly remarkable so that make his own name like a myth. The story of human giants, wizards can foresee his death just by looking into the eyes of the wizard, and a pair of Siamese twins which his introduced into one of the attractions for the audience. Unfortunately, his son Will (Bill Crudup) embarrassed by his father who he thought was a braggart. As a result he fled to France and settled there. One day he obtained the news that his father was dying, no doubt it makes it his fly for the first time to Alabama after he fled long ago. he never expected, many events that it supports his father's stories during this. Starting from a village with a population that is always partying, the twins, until a giant man who had been merely a myth.
Big Fish Films is very interesting to be seen to, how Burton to make the audience believe every story of Edward will make them wish if it was happening. Moreover, as Edward tells each story as if it is a journey of his life began when he was young until find his wife all sounds so fantastic for a life story. so whether Edward's stories just his imagination or really happen??

6 komentar:

asep canda said...

itu pohon ikan besar ya sob Lifestyle On The Net said...

mana yach tadi kamusku, hehe oneng inggris ku ^.^

Indahnya Berbagi said...

g ngerti? keep blogging!

harto said...

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how much you know said...

wow..its real picture?

freezipe said...

gambare apik

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