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Tuesday, November 17, 2009 | 8:23 AM | 1 Comments

Se7en (English Version)

Detective Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) only has one week before his retirement. He worked in the police forces in one area in the city of New York as a detective. Somerset position as detective will soon be replaced by a younger detective, the detective Mills (played by Brad Pitt). In order to better adapt, first detective Mills inserted into the scope of Somerset detective work, one week ahead before Somerset retirement.
The meeting between the detective and the detective Mills Somerset originally filled by the nuances very formal, however quickly replaced by a cooperative relationship that neat. They both together trying to find and arrest a very vicious murderer well serial killer sadistic. Lately, the vicious killer known named John Doe.
John Doe is a meticulous killer, methodically, bizarre, and creative. He had planned the murder with great detail by selecting the victim based on the theory of "seven deadly sins" (taken from the book "The Rotting of Saint Thomas Aquinas), namely greed, avarice, sloth, pride, lust, anger, and jealousy.
Do Detectives Somerset and Mills will beat John Doe to stop murder planned? or John Doe would work complements the work of terror bloody murder to make a series of murders as masterpiece (masterpiece)

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VAN MOVIC said...

kayaknya filmnya bagus tuch....

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