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Saturday, November 21, 2009 | 1:32 PM | 2 Comments

Annie Hall (English version)

Cover of "Annie Hall"Cover of Annie Hall

Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) is a neurotic comedian who always thought a lot of conspiracy has going on around him, through a relationship with a girl who longed for the luxury named Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). This film tells of their unique relationship with the image which inserted their past lives. Starting from Alvy's childhood life in Brooklyn as the son of an operator bumper cars and stay under the location Thunderbolt roller coaster in Coney Island. Annie's also about the relationship in the past.
After much argument and effort to keep together, one day they realize that there is a fundamental difference both of them and finally the decision to split was ejected. Annie later moved to California for the record bid from Hollywood named Tony Lacey (Paul Simon). annie loves the this city, but not so with Alvy. Regret it finally came, Alvy realized that he still loves Annie, and tried to persuade him to come back again to New York with him. But unfortunately he failed, he went back alone and write a scenario about the relationship, reconstructing conversations with to improved the story that he made himself finally returned to annie
When Annie was intermittent until the return visit to New York as a good friend of Alvy, with a different pair of course. Alvy end the film with a reflection on love as a relationship that we all want though often painful, and it is natural
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mamas Ipenk said...

mksh infonya

Anonymous said...

Salam blogger, jgn lupa main ke blog aq ya....pasti banyak yg bermanfaat....

Bnapol or Otak

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