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Thursday, October 13, 2011 | 6:06 AM | 0 Comments

Legendary Monsters That You Should Know

The presence of a giant monster movie now seems to have rarely emerged as a major theme in a film project, the last time I think the movie King Kong was re-released in 2005 and received a just ordinary (including some criticism about the story is no different from previous versions ). Some of you may prefer to see the film to the content of the destruction of the city, and the sound of explosions that shook the ear. So the film with the presence of a giant monster like Godzilla would be suitable for you refer to.

5. Unknown: Cloverfield, 2008

There are too many monsters that appear in the movie Cloverfield, but will not be much danger from the port of parasitic monsters themselves, especially if the port is able to move and no less cruel. The monster is also a perfect defense for the parasite, because he survived the attack stealth bombers and other modern weaponry. One of the things that make giant is far more frightening is that someone never knew what it was, where it came from or why he suddenly decided to wage war on humanity.

4. Gammera: Gammera the Invincible, 1965

just as Godzilla, we are often confused by the action Gamera who sometimes act as the most effective destroyer of the city's but also acts as a protector of the city from other monsters attack, as seen in 12 different movies. This monster has the rocket arsenal that he can use to fly nor to attacks. It draws from this monster in the western world is that Gamera is relatively unknown, although in Japan it as popular as Godzilla.

3. The Kraken: Clash of the Titans, 1981

While appearing in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the Kraken is described as "giant squid". But for this film he appeared as a fish-headed humanoid, scaly green has four arms and she has a face that always looks angry. According to the plot of Clash of the Titans, Kraken is the most powerful Titan, which was created by Hades to destroy all the other Titans and Olympians allows for control of mankind.
Interesting Fact: The Kraken is described as being a Titan in Clash of the Titans; however the Kraken never appeared at all in original Greek Mythology and actually originated in Norse Mythology.

2. King Kong: King Kong, 1933

Kong has long since become the most famous monster icons of American cinema. In the story, Kong is the last generation of prehistoric ape which isolated on the skull island. Her body is very large, far exceeding the size of the apes in general did not make Kong's characteristics differ from other apes, he can still display the ability akrobatiknya long as he did the most famous scene when he climbs the Empire State Building.

1. Godzilla: Godzilla, 1954

Godzilla does not need to hesitate longer is the most famous monsters in film history, and has become part of pop culture icon in Japan. Physically, the appearance of a Godzilla-like dinosaur with an additional thorn in the back and has a height of more than 400ft. Godzilla was created by a mutation of a nuclear explosion as a metaphor for nuclear war in general.
Interesting fact: The Japanese name for Godzilla (Gojira) is a cross between the Japanese words for a Gorilla and Whale, despite Godzilla resembling neither of these animals.


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