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Monday, September 26, 2011 | 7:52 AM | 0 Comments

Continues Push, Sisifus!

Are any of you ever heard of Greek mythology about a man named Sisyphus? Okay, maybe I can help a bit. It is said that he gets a punishment from the gods to push a boulder up the hill but when the rock has reached its goal, the gods were pushed of rock back until fall. And Sisyphus kept repeating from the beginning and continued to repeat forever. This penalty is the result of actions Sisyphus who steal the God's waters of life.

The name of Sisyphus is then inspire some people to create sites with addresses, who try to share a new perspective on the world. For those, Sisyphus punishment should not always be viewed as a miserable. Sisyphus actually shows that he can align with the gods because he never surrender like the gods who always wait Sisyphus in the peak of the hill and prepared to push the stone back to touch the bottom of the hill.

I thought a friend was joking when sent me a link to the article "Normal Is not Good". Well, maybe not a new thing when one told you to be yourself but when others offer that something normal is not necessarily better, certainly it is becoming strange to our ears. Because many of us even more confident that the different is risky, and more often affects different is not good.

With their most famous slogan "Celebrate Tragedy", I think is an alternative for anyone who wants to see the world in different ways. Let's see their article on how to be a hypocrite with the title "Learning to Be Hypocrisy from Tartuffe". Initially it is quite difficult to capture the idea of ​​"Celebrate Tragedy". But my search to those articles which finally made me find another way of looking completely different about success (try reading this article). Quite unique? But wait, the staff of Sisyphus apparently also provide an opportunity for anyone who wants to share their views about the world. Anyone can sign up to be a contributor to this site but would not be forgotten that the "Normal Is not Good".

Oh Noes!! Normal Isn't Good

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