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Sunday, November 15, 2009 | 8:35 AM | 2 Comments

Cinema Paradiso (English Version)

Cinema ParadisoImage via Wikipedia

Salvatore Di Vita's very love film so affecting his life, until now he has become a famous Italian director. News of the death of Alfredo a longtime friend who introducing Toto (Salvatore small) in various films, making Salvatore had to return home and unravel again the story of the past in a small town Giancaldo, Sicily in the 1950s.
Toto really liked the movie, even once the money from his mother to buy milk, instead he use to purchase tickets at the cinema watching the local "Cinema Paradiso", where all people from various backgrounds and ages together. No wonder indeed, for Cinema Paradiso is probably the only entertainment in the place. Cinema Paradiso itself stands merged with the magnificent church and unique events often coloring the audience laughter.
Watching movies has become a hobby Toto and Cinema Paradiso has become a second home. The place also has to reconcile Toto with Alfredo (Philippe Noiret), middle-aged man movie operators poyektor, as well as film censorship officials. toto habit watching his old pal work, so it making Toto replaces Alfredo position as operators elected after a fire snatch his eyesight. Work was undertaken Toto until adolescence, and getting to know the love since meeting with elena (Agnese Nano), daughter of an agent who had made him crazy and make Toto willing to stand under Elena's bedroom window for nearly 30 days every night no matter rain for his idol. Eventually the business was not in vain, elena reply to his love. but circumstances have forced them to live apart forever. Before long the city has changed a lot, cinema Paradiso has become a lonely dilapidated cinema. Realizing wouldn't have a future here, and on the advice of Alfredo. finally Toto left town, Alfredo, mother, and brother to reach goals. until the story Alfredo's death makes him back to Giancaldo, and all events as re-knit, especially a relic Alfredo who unravel the mysteries of her past with Elena, which even he himself did not know.
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2 komentar:

The SUNRISE said...

film kapan tu sob? udah muncul di TO yah?

come and get it said...

film taun 80an, klo di tv kliatanna belum tuh klo di TO kemungkinan udah.

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